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Welcome to Fitness Genome’s blog! My name is Chris Craig, Owner of Fitness Genome, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share with our community a bit about this long time dream that is now a reality.

First, let me explain a few of the core tenets we’ve used in creating Fitness Genome.

Bio-hacking – Webster defines bio-hacking as “biological experimentation…done to improve the qualities or capabilities of living organisms especially by individuals and groups working outside a traditional medical or scientific research environment”. In layman’s terms, we leverage proven, scientific practices that yield a maximum result for minimal input. For example, part of our modalities include ARX machines that give the ultimate strength/bone & muscle building experience within minutes, CAR.O.L bikes that produce results equivalent to 45 minute run in 9 minutes or the Aspen Theralight 360 that produces full spectrum light benefits of being in the sun for 2 ½ hours with a 10 minute session without the deleterious effects.  It’s all about minimal investment for maximum benefit.

Epigenetics –  I was first introduced to the concept of epigenetics, meaning ‘attached to the DNA’, through the work of Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist. He opened my own eyes to the fact that our genes are not our destiny. Our genes are only relevant when they are given the opportunity to “express” themselves. We have the capability to affect our genetic expression turning genes on or off through our mind, body, spirit and environmental inputs. In effect, changing our phenotypes without changing our genotypes which alters the “reading” of our genes. Given our ability to modify the reading or expressing of our genes, it’s important to consider all opportunities we have to build resilience from the inside out.

Nature Re-engineering – All of the inputs/exposures we provide through our modalities are concentrated doses of what we can find in Nature. We like the term Natureneering to describe this. All of these Natureneering or Biohacking modalities enable the body to utilize its own resources more powerfully and efficiently to build performance and health. Given our ability to modify the reading or expressing of our genes, it is important to consider all opportunities technology has afforded us to build resilience from the inside out at the cellular level. For instance, when you study cultures with the greatest healthspans in what are termed ‘blue zones’, common themes prevail. These cultures tend to live more closely connected to nature with fewer modern conveniences and requiring more nervous system and physiological capacity of themselves. Blue Zone people are exposed to ‘hormetic’ stressors that build resistance, resilience and capacity.

Our mission is to bring together the most cutting edge technologies in fitness and recovery into our space that create hormetic stress, and holistically meld neuro training with physical training to take people into higher levels of performance and longevity. We utilize NeuroPerformance training tools along with neuro-based training experience, MAT/Muscle Activation Technique skills to work with and capitalize upon the broadest lineup of fitness/recovery biohacking modalities available anywhere.

I’m beyond excited to bring to the San Diego market a life changing experience that provides a new level of performance and healthspan. Performance no matter the pursuit or sport and driving a re-calibration of what it means to “turn back the clock”. People becoming “better” than they’ve ever been and facilitating a new community of ‘blue zoners’ is the ultimate expression of Fitness Genome’s mission.