Cryptheraphy in Carlsbad, San Diego

Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy,” is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. The therapy can be delivered to just one area, or you can opt for whole-body cryotherapy (WBC), where the entire body is exposed to cold temperatures.

The concept behind cryotherapy is based on the principle of using cold to reduce inflammation, ease muscle pain, speed up recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage, and improve overall health.

At Fitness Genome, we implement cryotherapy for our San Diego clients using full-body cryotherapy chambers to treat pain and inflammation, improve skin conditions, and help premiere athletes recover.

Conditions that Cryotherapy can Treat or Improve

Cryotherapy is employed for a variety of conditions, leveraging the therapeutic benefits of extreme cold to improve symptoms and enhance recovery. Here are some conditions that cryotherapy can help improve or treat:

  • Inflammatory Disorders: Reduces inflammation and symptoms of conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and tendinitis.
  • Muscle Soreness: Alleviates delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and accelerates recovery after workouts.
  • Skin Conditions: Can improve psoriasis, eczema, and acne by reducing inflammation.
  • Athletic Recovery: Helps athletes recover faster from exercise-induced injuries by reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Chronic Pain Management: May reduce chronic pain in conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic back pain.
  • Migraines: Cryotherapy can target the nerves in the neck area, reducing migraine symptoms.
  • Mood Disorders: The cold exposure is believed to trigger the release of endorphins, which can improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Sleep Disorders: Some individuals report improved sleep quality, possibly due to the calming effect of endorphin release.

While cryotherapy shows promise for these conditions, it’s important to note that research is ongoing, and its effectiveness can vary from person to person. Always consult a healthcare provider before starting cryotherapy, especially if you have preexisting health conditions or concerns.

Full-Body Electric Cryotherapy Chamber

Our Full-Body Electric Cryotherapy Chamber is the newest evolution in cryotherapy. It’s an entirely new experience even for seasoned cryo users being that there is no nitrogen gas. The Trident Full Body Electric Cryotherapy system represents a shift from the traditional nitrogen-cooled cryotherapy methods to an electrically-cooled process for administering whole-body cryotherapy (WBC).

  • No hazardous gas to breathe
  • The fastest skin temperature drops in the industry
  • Electric offers a more evenly distributed cold and whole-body cooling effect.
  • Whole-Body getting the head cold allows for more effect upon the nervous system including greater Vagus nerve stimulation and hypothalamus effect given it is the center of our thermoregulation.
  • Fat burning. And turns white fat into brown fat/more metabolically active fat that aids in thermogenesis.

This Monstrosity of Frigidity delivers what we continually hear as the “Best Cryo Experience Ever!

What to Expect During our Cryotherapy Treatment Sessions

  • Entry into the Chamber: The client steps into the Trident Full Body Electric Cryotherapy chamber, which is designed to cool the body using electrically cooled air. Unlike nitrogen-based systems, the client’s entire body, including the head, can be inside the chamber, as there is no risk of nitrogen gas inhalation.
  • Duration of Exposure: The session typically lasts between 2 to 3 minutes. Modern electric cryotherapy systems can precisely control the temperature, usually setting it between -110°C and -140°C (-166°F and -220°F).
  • Client Monitoring: Throughout the session, the client is monitored for comfort and safety, often through a window or camera system inside the chamber. The client can communicate with the operator or terminate the session at any time if they feel uncomfortable.

How Long Do I need to Stay In?

Ideally long enough to achieve a *30 drop in skin temperature. Great thing about the Trident is there is no hindrance in exiting. You can stay in as long as you “like” and easily exit at any time. Obviously, you want to stay long enough to achieve the desired result but it is different for everyone. Generally, we say 2-3 minutes but the great thing about electric cryo is you can stay in even longer. Some people stay in for 5 or 6 minutes.

Can I Go In More Than Once A Day?

Yes you can! You can think of it as you’re going somewhere really cold briefly. Clients have remarked “I just went back to my childhood in Minnesota or Buffalo”. And we can always structure a plan that works for your goals.

Ready To Start Your Cryotherapy Treatment?

If you are dealing with acute or chronic pain, or want to improve recovery after training, cryotherapy may be the answer you have been looking for.  Contact us or stop by Fitness Genome to learn how this incredible treatment can help you.


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