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Are you unsure what that force is, but you want to roll back the clock, feel like a teenager again, and improve your focus, clarity, mood, and energy levels?

For many of us, the answer is “yes”. The trouble is knowing which invisible force is holding you back. Especially when your gym, doctors, and other health practitioners don’t have a systematic approach to measure, track, and influence key health & performance metrics. Metrics, that when they change, you can really feel them.

Our focus at FG is “mapping” and maximizing your mitochondrial genome.

Your Genome is all of your genetic material within your body, It’s estimated that as little as 5-10% of all disease is genetic while the remaining causes of disease are due to mitochondrial dysfunction and it’s also estimated that 48% of all people over 40 have mitochondrial dysfunction.

Mitochondria are the energy producing organelles within each cell that regulate cellular metabolism, cell death and oxidative stress control. The traditional focus has been upon the nuclear genome or genetic view of disease. The health of your cells determine your health and the health of mitochondria determine the health of cells which is why what we measure in the MAP session and what we employ in the form of technology seeks to better your Mitochondrial or Fitness Genome.

Physics underpin our philosophy at FG and the belief that physics precedes biology.

In other words, as electrical beings if we lack redox capacity in our cells, we can throw diets, supplements or treatments at our biology to no avail and never overcome the force that holds us back. Our aim is to increase capacity within your cell’s mitochondria which is what we call mitohacking or physihacking.

If you’re an athlete, have an acute or chronic condition, if you’re aging gracefully, or just interested in a level of wellness not previously thought possible, then Fitness Genome’s system utilizing advanced technology can identify and help you overcome the forces holding you back.

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Here’s how it works

The Fitness Genome approach uses advanced technology and science to help you achieve optimal fitness and recovery.

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When you join, a Fitness Genome trainer will take you through a complimentary MAP Session, where they’ll measure your wellness metrics.


Your trainer will assess your current state of wellness to better help them identify potential roadblocks to your wellness goals.

your Plan

Your trainer then creates a customized plan to get you started to reach your goals.

What our clients think

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This place is heaven.

The energy is amazing, my body feels great and looking forward to coming back. Just moved from Chicago and fortunate enough to have a place like this take my health to the next level. Multiple chronic injuries and feel brand new after leaving.

Jim L. google icon

Chris and his faculty are amazing.

We were in town to watch our son play lacrosse (Go University of Montana Griz) and my son tweaked his ankle. I called Chris as he has all of the devices to get an athlete back in the game ASAP he did not disappoint. My son got Stemwave and immediately felt relief followed up with PEMF for cellular exercise and he ran off to pregame practice with 2 thumbs up.

Derek B. google icon

Great for athletes and anyone with recovery needs!

Chris and Nisreen are very knowledgeable about all their wonderful modalities for recovery and fitness optimization. Great for athletes and anyone with recovery needs!

Sandy C.

Any Questions?

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How does Fitness Genome work?

  • The Fitness Genome approach combines natural healing principles with cutting-edge tech.

    The result?
    A systematic way to target and overcome major health & wellness roadblocks.

Who typically joins Fitness Genome?

  • Most commonly anyone seeking to optimize health/wellness or looking to anti-age or recover from injury/illness.

How do I get started?

  • You can visit us at our facility in Carlsbad, CA or give us a call to book an initial consultation.

    When you join, a Fitness Genome trainer will take you through a complimentary MAP Session, where they’ll Measure your wellness metrics, Assess your major wellness roadblocks, and create a customized Plan to take you to your goals.

    We’ll usually start with the InBody 770 scan. This gives us body composition metrics including visceral fat and some key baseline markers such as phase angle, inflammation and it’s location and overall body water. The scan along with a brief history, goals and expectations constitute a MAP session and is free with the purchase of any of the ATO packs.

How often do I need to come?

  • There is no ‘magic number’.

    Health & wellness is a habit. Which is why your Fitness Genome Trainer will work with you in your MAP Session to create a plan that is both practical and effective.

What makes Fitness Genome different?

  • Fitness Genome isn’t based on fad or hype. It’s rooted in an understanding of human biology/neurology and epigenetics to ensure everything we do is grounded in nature and backed by science.

    Never before has this cutting-edge collection of fitness/recovery technology been housed together under one roof and combined into a holistic system that helps you feel and perform better than ever.

    And because we take the time to get to know each of our members, everything you do at Fitness Genome will be completely tailored to you, where you’re at, and where you want to be.


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