How does Fitness Genome work?

  • The Fitness Genome approach combines natural healing principles with cutting-edge tech.

    The result?
    A systematic way to target and overcome major health & wellness roadblocks.

Who typically joins Fitness Genome?

  • Most commonly anyone seeking to optimize health/wellness or looking to anti-age or recover from injury/illness.

How do I get started?

  • You can visit us at our facility in Carlsbad, CA or give us a call to book an initial consultation.

    When you join, a Fitness Genome trainer will take you through a complimentary MAP Session, where they’ll Measure your wellness metrics, Assess your major wellness roadblocks, and create a customized Plan to take you to your goals.

    We’ll usually start with the InBody 770 scan. This gives us body composition metrics including visceral fat and some key baseline markers such as phase angle, inflammation and it’s location and overall body water. The scan along with a brief history, goals and expectations constitute a MAP session and is free with the purchase of any of the ATO packs.

How long does the first consultation usually take?

  • Just 10-15 minutes to get started. We’ll gain a clear understanding of your priorities, goals and targeted outcomes in that initial consultation.

Do I work one on one with someone at Fitness Genome to reach my health goals?

  • You’ll be guided by one of our experts every step of the way. Everything is customized based on your MAP session and adjusted as you progress.

How often do I need to come?

  • There is no ‘magic number’.

    Health & wellness is a habit. Which is why your Fitness Genome Trainer will work with you in your MAP Session to create a plan that is both practical and effective.

What is the cost for your services?

  • We offer many different pricing packages that work with the pace that you need to go, in addition to unlimited services for a monthly price. See our pricing page.

What makes Fitness Genome different?

  • Fitness Genome isn’t based on fad or hype. It’s rooted in an understanding of human biology/neurology and epigenetics to ensure everything we do is grounded in nature and backed by science.

    Never before has this cutting-edge collection of fitness/recovery technology been housed together under one roof and combined into a holistic system that helps you feel and perform better than ever.

    And because we take the time to get to know each of our members, everything you do at Fitness Genome will be completely tailored to you, where you’re at, and where you want to be.

What type of services of services to do you offer?

  • We offer a wide range of services. Please see our services page.

How is the Fitness Genome approach different from Physical Therapy when it comes to injuries?

  • Oftentimes in PT, the approach can be condensed down to stretch something that is tight and strengthen something weak. As one example, we view tightness and knots as a protective measure one’s brain undertakes to limit ranges/motions that it finds threatening due to an underlying weakness/instability. If we’re able to deal with the weakness/instability, in theory and oftentimes in practice, the brain is able to dissipate the tightness of its own accord. We have several modalities that assist in this process in a unique way to traditional PT.

Why do you recommend stacking the cold chamber prior to the Red Light bed?

  • It can be done either way, but the cold is able to potentiate the effect of the Red Light even further by shrinking the space between the mitochondrial respiratory proteins, allowing for the potential to spin ATPase even faster.

What is the PulseCenter PEMF doing / how does it work?

  • The Pukse uses magnets to create an electrical field providing your body with “free” energy in the form of electrons. Your body preferentially takes the energy wherever it needs it the most. We can think of inflammation as a lack of energy or lack of electrons. And by charging cells, they’re more enabled to heal and function.