maxxo2 trainer

The MaxxO2 Oxygen Trainer is a unique experience that leaves you super-oxygenated and feeling great!

MaxxO2 leaves you many more times oxygenated than the Hyperbaric Chamber given it’s utilized during exercise. MaxxO2 estimates over 100 times more oxygenated.
Our system includes Altitude creating an even greater oxygenating effect.

The mechanics are as follows = You are tied into Hepa-filtered pure oxygen at 21% oxygen through a mask while you ride the CAROL Bike. You’ll also have a pulse oximeter on your finger so we can monitor your oxygen saturation and perfusion index.

After breathing the pure oxygen at 21% oxygen content for usually 5 minutes, you’ll transition into a sprint of varying degrees of resistance and switch to altitude at a predetermined level based on your current level of fitness.

The oxygen delivered at altitude can be varied anywhere from 1000 to 10000+ Feet. At 10000 Feet for example the oxygen ratio drops to roughly 16%. This requires your body to vasodilate all the way down to your capillary beds. Once your oxygen saturation levels drop below a certain or you feel you’re ready again for the 21% oxygen we will switch back to the big bag.

This process creates a big rush of oxygen throughout the body and particularly into your distal extremities greatly improving circulation and thereby your perfusion index.

  • Increase circulation
  • Increase cardiovascular health
  • Fight systemic inflammation
  • Increase VO2MAX and overall health.

What specific measures tell you if MaxxO2 is having the desired effect?

As mentioned above, perfusion index is a measure of circulation and should show considerable improvement after a session. PI can also be a derivative of overall stress levels/low grade sympathetic response so may not always show immediate improvement from the measure’s reliance upon circulation so it is a variable dependent upon a couple of factors.

Another important metric is your body’s changes in oxygen saturation in response to altitude.

Generally, healthy people walk around with saturation between 95-100% and an ability to withstand lower saturation levels is a sign of your body’s ability to tolerate CO2.

Ability to tolerate CO2 is an important hallmark of respiratory fitness and that is partly what is being trained. Optimal blood levels are 3:2 O2:CO2.


MaxxO2 Oxygen Trainer

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