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Full-Body Electric Cryotherapy Chamber

The newest evolution in cryotherapy

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Full-Body Electric Cryotherapy Chamber

Our Full-Body Electric Cryotherapy Chamber is the newest evolution in cryotherapy. It’s an entirely new experience even for seasoned cryo users being that there is no nitrogen gas. It is electrically powered and this Monstrosity of Frigidity delivers what we continually hear as the “Best Cryo Experience Ever!”.

  • No hazardous gas to breathe
  • Fastest skin temperature drops in the industry
  • Electric offers a more evenly distributed cold and whole-body cooling effect.
  • Whole-Body getting the head cold allows for more effect upon the nervous system including greater Vagus nerve stimulation and hypothalamus effect given it is the center of our thermoregulation.
  • Fat burning. And turns white fat into brown fat/more metabolically active fat that aids in thermogenesis.
Full-Body Cryotherapy In San Diego CA


Ideally long enough to achieve a *30 drop in skin temperature. Great thing about the Trident is there is no hindrance in exiting. You can stay in as long as you “like” and easily exit at any time. Obviously, you want to stay long enough to achieve the desired result but it is different for everyone. Generally, we say 2-3 minutes but the great thing about electric cryo is you can stay in even longer. Some people stay in for 5 or 6 minutes.

Yes you can! You can think of it as you’re going somewhere really cold briefly. Clients have remarked “I just went back to my childhood in Minnesota or Buffalo”. And we can always structure a plan that works for your goals.

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