carol bike

The first Artificial Intelligence powered exercise bike.

CAROL stands for Cardiovascular Optimization Logic. It’s the first Artificial Intelligence powered exercise bike that gets you fit and slim with 9 minute rides.

  • CAROL has put a lot of science into their bikes and by their metrics a 9 minute ride with CAROL is equivalent to a 45 minute run.
  • CAROL uses its AI to get to ‘know’ you and adjusts the resistance each ride to keep you getting fitter and making each ride a ‘new’ experience.
  • CAROL optimizes resistance each time to take you to max intensity and max glycogen depletion producing signaling within the body that creates a beneficial adaptive response every time.
  • CAROL has been shown to increase VO2max by on average 11% ridden 3 times a week for 5 weeks and also shown to improve insulin sensitivity by 25-28% within 6 weeks.


How can a CAROL ride at 9 minutes equal a 45 minute run and what are they measuring?

  • An independent, academic, peer reviewed study funded by the American Council on Exercise demonstrated that CAROL 3 times a week significantly outperformed(35%) those in the 45 minute run 5 times a week category in several metrics including fat loss, Insulin sensitivity and VO2max gains.

How can CAROL increase my insulin sensitivity?

  • When CAROL takes you into glycogen depletion within 10 seconds of a 20 second sprint your body must drive sugar from other parts of your body into your thighs and your muscles become more sensitized over time speeding you along this process as you progress.

What are they key metrics CAROL tracks?

  • After each ride you’ll receive a power and an octane score. The power is as it sounds as a measure of the highest wattage you’re able to generate. The octane is a measure of cardiac output/ejection fraction or how well your heart recovers from each sprint. The top power score to date is 1,500 by New Zealand professional rugby player and top octane is 50.


CAROL Bike: Cardiovascular Optimization Logic

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