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PulseCenter PEMF

Stimulate Immune Support

Delivers power you feel re-energizing your body in spots that need it the most.

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PulseCenter PEMF

PulseCenter PEMF is the most advanced PEMF you’ll ever ‘feel’. And feel is right since the PulseCenter delivers power you feel re-energizing your body in spots that need it the most.

One way to describe it is Think of walking barefoot on the beach soaking up negative ions/energy from the beach also known as earthing or grounding - The Pulse is earthing on steroids so to speak. It provides ‘free’energy to your body. If your brain senses a lack of energy it can shift energy from ‘less important’ functions in order to fuel what it considers more important. This could leave you leaking energy from functions you consider vital day to day. The Pulse can energize parts of your body suffering from inflammation or functions that have been less than stellar.

Through the research of Dr. Jerry Tenant, we know that our cells need a -20 to -25 millivolt charge to run efficiently. However, as a result of age, injury, stress and whole host of other factors we can lose charge tending toward a positive charge which is inflammatory, acidic and anaerobic. And it’s been estimated that we need as high as a -50 millivolt charge to repair tissue. The Pulse gives you the energy source your body can use to optimize all cellular functions. Benefits include:

  • Mitigate pain
  • Stimulate immune support
  • Improve performance
  • Enhance brain function and focus
  • Enhance sleep
  • Maximize bone and joint health
PulseCenter PEMF In San Diego CA


Each day there are over 100,000 Pulse sessions and there no known side effects.

Technically, your first charge will be beneficial at the cellular level. It’s encouraged to establish a foundation of charges health at 50 hours eventually and maintain but each person level of charge will be different.

Yes there are different PEMF devices and are different types of delivery. Once you feel the Pulse you’ll feel the difference. It truly delivers a unique experience you have to feel to believe.

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