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Fitness Genome Tayebjee Chiropractic Neurology Center’s mission is to take a bold step into melding the latest cutting edge technologies with functional neurology and functional medicine, creating a unique experience for the person seeking rehabilitation and performance. What we offer is truly a unique experience combining disciplines that will shape the way people seek to optimize themselves.

The range of treatment options we possess affords each person the opportunity to ultimately empower their own bodies and to heal themselves. We simply develop a roadmap to wellness that includes you taking control of your own health through our efforts that foster education along with treatment.

I am Dr. Nisreen Tayebjee D.C. and I have sat on the other side of the table as a patient. I was diagnosed with thyroid autoimmunity 7 years ago. It became my mission to learn as much as possible about autoimmunity and brain health. I quickly became resistant to western medicine’s treatment protocols which were geared toward eliminating my immune system.  I decided I had to seek every means possible to attempt to heal myself naturally and that is how I was introduced to functional neurology and functional medicine. Functional care is a proactive, patient centered approach, aimed at restoring physiology while finding the root cause. Everyday, I am grateful because this journey has allowed me to learn more about myself, my health & my body and lead by example. Moreover, it has allowed me to serve and educate patients and empower them to a life of vitality.

I am so excited to be part of Fitness Genome and it’s very forward thinking approach to elite wellness. Our deep collection of wellness and rehabilitation technologies can help anyone looking to heal and/or enhance their performance. I take pride in working with all age groups and especially children. Chronic disease now affects kids at nearly the same rate as it affects adults. I believe if we can instill a mindset that proactively seeks wellness then we can begin to reshape future generations.

Our philosophy really boils down to meeting you where you are currently and helping you reach your goals while giving you the tools to thrive well into the future. Schedule a consultation today and let’s get started!

“The mind learns of the outside world via the brain, but it is equally true that the brain can be informed only via the body” ~ anonymous

Meet Our Team

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Nisreen Tayebjee DC, DACNB, FIBFN-FN

Dr. Nisreen was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. When she was 13 years old her family relocated to Chicago, IL. Throughout high school and undergraduate school she suffered from excruciating upper back pain and became dependent on high doses of pain medications just to get through the day. She saw countless specialists – none were able to help her and she was told that exploratory surgery was her only option. It was not until she chanced upon a chiropractor that she finally found answers and experienced relief for the first time in years. At this point Nisreen was on a path to pursue a career in pharmacy. The healing impact of chiropractic care changed her life so profoundly that she withdrew her applications to pharmacy school and applied to chiropractic school instead. She moved to Dallas, Texas in 2013 to attend Parker University.

During chiropractic school Nisreen suffered from migraine headaches, weight loss, and inability to sleep. These debilitating symptoms sent her yet again on a search for answers. It was then that she discovered a functional medicine doctor who diagnosed her with a thyroid autoimmune condition. This diagnosis fueled Nisreen to learn more about autoimmunity and she began transform her lifestyle (by adopting anti-inflammatory nutrition, practicing stress reduction, and reducing environmental toxins) to improve her condition. Nisreen manages her illness with nutrition and supplementation rather than medication and to date is symptom free and thriving. She has a big heart for serving patients that suffer from autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Nisreen graduated from Parker University in Dallas, Texas in 2016 and is board certified chiropractic neurologist. She is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board and she is currently working towards a Fellowship in Childhood Developmental Disorders and is close to completing a Diplomate in the American Board of Clinical Nutrition. She has a vast amount of clinical experience in functional neurology, functional medicine, and clinical nutrition and highly sought out across the globe for her expertise in pediatric and neurodevelopmental disorders, traumatic and neurodegenerative disorders, women’s health, endocrine dysfunction and nutrition.

She is passionate about working with symptoms associated with a wide range of conditions ranging from concussions, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, seizure disorders, dystonias and movement disorders, headache & migraines, balance and dizziness disorders, childhood developmental disorders (ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia), PTSD and stress disorders. Lastly, Nisreen is certified in various chiropractic techniques: applied kinesiology, taping, strength and conditioning, and active and passive rehabilitation therapies. Nisreen proudly serves the San Diego and surrounding communities and is dedicated to giving back to the community by educating people on all topics related to health and wellness and is available to speak at engagements.


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“When my nine year old daughter, Chloe, began complaining of dizziness we became very concerned. My husband and I tried numerous treatments over a period of weeks that all failed to help her, and her dizzy spells began to increase in frequency. I was given Dr. Nisreen Tayebjee’s name by a friend of mine who told me to call her. Upon contacting her office we were able to schedule an evaluation within a week’s time.

From the moment we met Dr. Nisreen and experienced her kindness and warmth I knew we were in good hands. She was excellent with my extremely shy daughter, making her feel calm and safe to open up and speak freely. Dr. Nisreen proceeded to perform a very detailed neurological on Chloe, all the while being very attentive to Chloe’s comfort level. She took her time making sure to get a thorough history from us, as well as listening to all of our concerns and addressing them with us one by one. After the evaluation, Dr. Nisreen explained the results and was able to even begin a short treatment session right there to gauge her neurological responses to it.

Upon leaving, Dr. Nisreen provided us with a custom tailored list of easy to perform exercises for us to take home and work with Chloe on. She explained that these exercises were neuro-based and would be exactly what Chloe needed to start remedying her dizzy spells. After just two weeks of performing these exercises Chloe’s dizzy spells had completely resolved and she has not once complained of dizziness since.

I would highly recommend Dr. Nisreen to absolutely anyone. She is incredibly knowledgeable, has a bedside manner that would make even the most nervous of children feel safe, and most of all she is very passionate about wanting to genuinely help her patients. I am beyond grateful we came across her the way we did.

Sincerely, Laurie Clark”

“I was diagnosed at 29 years old with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2013, after 9 months of different doctors not knowing anything, several emergency room visits and many tests. I had relapses multiple times a year, my neurologist even made a comment about not seeing many people my age having so many relapses. I only slept around 5 hours a night, because issues with my post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety would make it difficult to fall asleep and symptoms from the multiple sclerosis would prevent me from staying asleep. I woke up 3 to 4 times a night in excruciating nerve pain, crying not able to sleep and unable to find relief. Everytime I woke up I would take a dose of 300 to 600 mg of neurontin/gabapentin, which did not give me much relief as I would be up taking another dose the next hour. I was in an electric wheelchair almost daily from either paralysis and/or extreme fatigue. There were days a couple times every month where my body would shutdown and I couldn’t get out of bed, it was like being in a twilight. My husband would have to help me into and out of my wheelchair. He even had to help me maintain my personal hygiene; taking showers, using the restroom, brushing my teeth and getting dressed. My number one concern was how it was affecting my children. My children, ages 4 and 6 at the time, would have to prepare their own food, my older one knew how to work my wheelchair for when he needed to get it for me. I am their mother I should be taking care of them.

In 2017, I was blessed to be sent to Cerebrum Health Center, by my psychologist. Dr. Nisreen Tayebjee was the main individual that worked with me. Besides utilizing the program with me she told me about the Anti Inflammatory Diet. I was hesitant to start the “diet,” but I did. Within a couple of days of Dr. Nisreen assisting me I had fallen asleep around 8 pm, without taking any of my medications, including ones for sleep and pain. To my surprise I woke up to my alarm clock, not once for immense pain. I did not believe it, I thought the incident was a fluke. So that night I was going to go to sleep without taking any medication to see what would happen. Again to my dismay I fell asleep without assistance and I stayed asleep.

Since leaving the care of Dr. Nisreen at Cerebrum Health Center I have not had to rely on my wheelchair to get around. On rare occasions I will take medications. It has been so long since my Multiple Sclerosis has flared up. I have not had to go on prednisone for a relapse since leaving Cerebrum. Although I have not fully stayed with the Anti Inflammatory Diet, I do know what sets off my inflammation and try to stay away from those foods. My children can rely on me and I can be active with them again. I owe a huge thanks to Dr. Nisreen from Cerebrum for everything she has done for me and changing the quality of my life!”

~ Christina G.

Cooper“Let me start by saying that we are very blessed to have found Dr. Nisreen. We are from Watertown, SD and have made many 28 hour round trip visits for our son’s care over the past 3 years’ time and it was well worth it.

We had been to several medical facilities and specialists, with one being the top in the nation with absolutely no results.  No doctor really understood his symptoms or how sick he was.   We had one Pediatric Neurologist tell us that our son’s exam was normal even though his extremities had loss of feeling, he couldn’t distinguish between hot or cold when applied to his extremities, and his balance was poor.  A top ophthalmologist said his eye condition was a result of “lazy eye” and it was something he has always had. We tried to tell him that this was not the case but he would not even listen to us and how dare we question him.  They had no answers or solutions for the incredible pain he was experiencing.   The only option they had for us was to put him on anti-depressant medication and pills. We were beyond frustrated!

We would try to explain to these specialists that there was something wrong with our 14 year old son.  He had once been a very active, healthy, strong, and happy child.  We were watching our child’s health decline each day and nothing we tried helped.   We believed that the concussions he had incurred were what was causing his issues and had tried to relay this to the places we had gone to with no avail.   We didn’t know where to turn next.  So I just kept on praying  and then one night whileresearching on-line I found this clinic in Dallas, TX.  We took a leap of faith and we met Dr. Nisreen and staff.  It was the best decision ever!

CooperDr. Nisreen treated Cooper for Post-Concussion syndrome. He was dealing with constant high pain headaches that would never go away.  This constant pain took all the joy from our son.  He also was dealing with  balance issues, muscle weakness, memory problems, fatigue, and  sleep issues. His eyes were not working properly or together and he was having a variety of sympathetic nervous system issues.  Before our first visit with Dr. Nisreen, Cooper who was a sophomore was just existing. He had only attended 2 days of school in 2 1/2 months and spent every day, all day lying in bed.

We saw results on our first visit .  After an initial evaluation, Dr. Nisreen treated Cooper for his issues with numerous therapies.  She wanted to fix things and get his body working properly again versus masking the symptoms or telling our son there was nothing wrong.    She was the first Doctor that truly understood Cooper’s symptoms and could relate to him.   She is very passionate about what she does and that passion rubbed off on our son and gave him hope and encouragement.   She worked him hard but made it fun while doing it.

She used many types of therapy techniques and tools to treat his symptoms and also gave him activities to do on his own at home.  Some of the therapies consisted of working on Breathing, Balance, Eyes, Memory and a variety of stimulations and the use of the “Gyrostim” Chair.  She educated him on the importance of his diet and explained how the brain and stomach communicate and work together.

As we mentioned in our first sentence….we are so very Blessed to have worked with Dr Nisreen and it is great to have our son healthy again!  We would strongly recommend Dr Nisreen to anyone!”

-Ron & Pam H.



“Six months ago I suffered a concussion and came to Dr.Tayebjee for treatment for the symptoms of the concussion, motion sickness and chronic back pain.   To be honest, I was not sure what to expect, but Dr. Tayebjee put me immediately at ease. Not only was Dr. Tayebjee extremely knowledgeable in her field, she was very patient about explaining to me my condition and the treatment plan. She explained everything to me in detail in language that was very simple and clear so that even without the medical knowledge I easily understood what was going on and how the treatment would help my conditions. I spent an intense 3 days under Dr. Nisreen’s care. I went through intensive treatment multiple times a day for three days and the functional neurology and rehabilitation combined with the functional medicine helped tremendously with all the symptoms of the concussion and motion sickness. During that 3 day treatment, Dr. Nisreen also gave me chiropractic adjustments for my back condition and I have to say my backpain has significantly reduced. Dr. Nisreen was extremely professional, very thorough in her work, taking all the steps to make sure everything was done properly and with a lot of care. She was always so particular to make sure that I was comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Nisreen.”

-Alefiya S.