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The CVAC looks right out of a sci-fi movie and in some ways it is.

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The CVAC looks right out of a sci-fi movie and in some ways it is. When you sit in our CVAC, you’ll experience air pressure changes that will take you from ground level to mountain peak and back again. This ‘adaptive altitude’ training is totally safe and can be thought of as passively working out. The CVAC is symphony of pressure changes that create what is called an allostatic load to the body which requires the body to maintain homeostasis in the midst of the environmental changes created by the cvac. Benefits include:

  • A gentle lymphatic massage that facilitates removal of toxins and waste products
  • Increased energy output for use during future activity
  • Gain improvement in energy production even on rest days to avoid overtraining
  • Highly parasympathetic stimulus potentiating greater nervous system capacity or ability to manage stressors.
  • Stimulates homeostatic pathways including ventricles within the brain that store and move cerebrospinal fluid/CSF potentially improving neural tone/neural protection.
  • Like training at altitude, potentially you should add to the oxygen carrying capacity of your hemoglobin enhancing conditioning.
  • Boost immunity through it’s demonstrated capability to boost Natural Killer cell populations enhancing first line of immunity.
  • Shown to increase stem cell production in bone marrow and hippocampus.
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Sessions are 20 minutes. Many people do multiple sessions back to back.

There are 5 tiers that increase in amplitude as you progress. You’ll benefit most working through the five tiers and then maintaining periodically. When you’ve completed the tiers you’ll feel much more adapted to the pressure changes and much more resilient and should feel a heightened sense of day to day functional competence.

There are only 56 of these cvac pods worldwide currently. It’s probable that you will see more of them as new research has emerged regarding the cvac’s capability to curtail many different chronic disease states, boost immunity and positively affect those suffering from brain injuries or degeneration.

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