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Strength Training

Increase Muscle ● Bone ● Strength in much less time

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ARX Strength Training

ARX is the future of exercise and provides the workout of a lifetime in as little as 5 minutes. It does this with breakthrough technology combining motorized resistance and computer software that delivers resistance you couldn’t recreate with traditional equipment. ARX is the fastest, safest route to your maximum strength, bone density and endurance. 

  • More Muscle, Bone and Strength in much less time. 
  • ARX creates the perfect and safest resistance every time. 
  • ARX maximizes the eccentric/lengthening contraction each repetition leading to greater potential signaling of beneficial hormones like Testosterone, GH and IGF-1. 
  • Each workout, each rep is quantified on the computer screen in front of you. You’re able to track exact gains in strength/endurance each workout and over time. 
ARX Strength Training In San Diego CA


ARX dramatically reduces your risk of injury mainly due to 2 factors - There are no weights to drop and ARX matches the resistance you apply and nothing more.

ARX can respond to any user instantly and automatically providing perfect resistance 100% of the time so there’s no more guessing with what weight to use and you’re able to achieve resistance levels that would be impossible to replicate in a normal gym.

Initial answer is once you try it you’ll see! But once you experience the full eccentric/lowering stimulus through the entire lowering phase you’ll feel the neuromuscular effort required and feel the power of the ARX. Also, as you adjust to ARX, you’ll notice the neurological fatigue exceeds the “normal” weightlifting fatigue you may experience. So you’re calling upon more from your body and your body will pay you back in hard earned gains.

Due to the neuromuscular effort required, it’s generally recommended every 5-7 days. It’s known it can take the nervous system 3-4 times longer to recover from a taxing workout and in the case of the ARX the toll on the nervous system is heavy. We will help you structure your current workout regimen to make way for the powerful ARX.

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