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Fitness Genome lives where science and wellness meet.

Fitness Genome lives where science and wellness meet.

Fitness Genome is revolutionizing fitness through a focus on epigenetics and neurology. With Fitness Genome, you'll measure and track key fitness metrics and create a plan to alter those metrics in predictable and reliable ways.

This means an end to the fitness guessing game.

No longer will you wonder "what should I do" or "is what I'm doing working".

When you join Fitness Genome, you'll work with one of our Trainers to create a plan based on your specific, personal goals. Then, we'll measure and track those goals over time to quantify your journey to optimal health. 

Sidney S.

Outstanding service from Chris! He was highly professional and very accommodating. I decided to try their infrared sauna. It was one of the most hygenic and up to date infrared saunas I've come across. The entire experience was therapeutic. I like that their infrared sauna features a built in TV with Netflix, youtube, etc. It also has bluetooth so you're able to connect your phone and listen to your own music. The sound system was supreme! I'll definitely be back and I 10 out of 10 recommend :)

Meet the Founder:

For more than 20 years Fitness Genome founder & CEO, Chris Craig, has been an athletic achievement specialist. His background as an MAT Master Specialist, Z-Health Master Practitioner, Chek Practitioner, and fitness coach gives him an insider’s view of the most effective and efficient training modalities.

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Owner Chris Craig

The Facility:

Fitness Genome is located upstairs at The Forum in Carlsbad, California. Our open space layout and small, friendly team gives you the ultimate freedom in using our machines.

We offer Wi-Fi, free spring water, and lockers to store your valuables. Everything at our facility has been thought through to create a healing environment.

Come in today for your MAP Session and discover your exact health & performance metrics (including fat, lean muscle mass, and inflammation).

Fitness Genome Facility


An ATP represents one use of a health technology ie. cryo, redlight, sauna etc.

Service Price
10 - Pack ATP’s $299
20 - Pack ATP’s $497
Optimization Consult $125
Unlimited Laser $650
Unlimited ArpWave* $700
Mito Monthly (Cold/RedLight/Pulse) $795
Unlimited Neurofeedback $850
Executive Member (unlimited) $1,195/monthly
Muscle Activation Technique (M.A.T.) & Personal Training
1 session $150
6 - Pack sessions $750

*1 session = 4 ATP’s or $125

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